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Starting in July, our farm stand is now open four days a week; Thursdays, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 10am – 6pm, through the end of October.

This week we started picking Green Snap Beans and Purple Snap Beans.

Green Snap Beans : FarmStand in Boise, Idaho
Green Snap Beans: $2.00/lb.
-Available Now-
Purple Snap Beans : FarmStand in Boise, Idaho
Purple Snap Beans: $2.00/lb.
-Available Now-

Zucchini Summer Squashes are coming on strong. We should carry Zucchini now until the first frost in October. The Round Zucchini are fun to cut in half, scoop out the center, stuff with your favorite seasoned filling (like you would a bell pepper), top with cheese and bake in oven.

Zucchini Round : FarmStand in Boise, Idaho
Round Green Zucchini: 85¢/lb.
-Available Now-
Zucchini Yellow : FarmStand in Boise, Idaho
Yellow Zucchini: 85¢/lb.
-Available Now-
Zucchini Green : FarmStand in Boise, Idaho
Green Zucchini: 85¢/lb.
-Available Now-

Although our Pickling Cucumbers are still a few weeks away from being ready, our first row of Pickling Dill Weed is now ready and available. Good for making pickled “Dilly” green beans. We did plant a second row of Dill that will bloom later and carry us through the summer.

Pickling Dill : FarmStand in Boise, Idaho
Pickling Dill: $3.50/bunch
-Available Now-

Also Currently Available-

‘Patty Pan’ Summer Squash: $1.50/lb. Flavorful!

Turnips, baby white with tops: $1.75/bunch

Bunch Beets: $2.50/bunch.

Chard: $2.50/bunch

Fresh Herbs: Tarragon, Sage, Oregano, Thyme, all $1.50/bunch.

Garlic Chesnok Red : FarmStand in Boise, Idaho
Garlic: $2.00/bulb. Fresh, uncured bulbs.
-Available now-
Flowers 01 : FarmStand in Boise, Idaho
Cut Flower Bouquets: $3.75
-Available Now-
Currently have Sunflowers, Amaranth, Holly Hock, Hyssop, Black Eye Susan, Echinacea, Blanket Flower, Lavender

Available Next-

Persian Cucumbers : FarmStand in Boise, Idaho
Persian Cucumbers
-Coming Next-

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