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The dry summer heat has arrived in the Treasure Valley. It is a race to get garlic out of the ground before the ground gets too hard, but we are almost done harvesting our garlic, most is now hanging in the shop to dry and cure for about a month. The curing process is crucial for storing garlic, otherwise the bulbs would mold. If you don’t want to wait for the cured garlic, we are offering the freshly pulled bulbs for sale now, it is edible, you just have to use it right away.

Our ‘Early Italian’ softneck garlic sized up nicely this year. Plump, milky white cloves, very mild tasting.

Garlic Early Italian : FarmStand in Boise, Idaho
Garlic ‘Early Italian’ softneck: $7.00/lb.
-Available now- This is fresh/uncured garlic.

The other variety of garlic we grow is a hardneck Rocambole called ‘Chesnok Red’. It has a strong flavor, best for baking/roasting.

Garlic Chesnok Red : FarmStand in Boise, Idaho
Garlic ‘Chesnok Red’ hardneck: $7.00/lb.
-Available now- This is fresh/uncured garlic.

We cut Baby Squash and Squash Blossoms on demand. If you want full blooms, come early in the morning as the blossoms close up with the noon heat.

Baby Summer Squash with blossom : FarmStand in Boise, Idaho
Baby Summer Squash with blossom: 2 ea./$1.00. Squash Blossoms alone: 4 ea./$1.00 -Available now- Cut on demand.

We did our first picking of Pickling Cucumbers this week and are starting to take and fill orders. The Persian Cucumbers are on too, picked every 3-4 days, they sell out quickly. We have two other cucumber varieties that will come on next month, a slicer called ‘Marketmore 76’, and ‘Armenian’ cucumbers.

Also Currently Available-

Summer Squash including green, yellow and round Zucchini: 85¢/lb.

Patty Pan Summer Squash: $1.50/lb.

Bunch Beets: $2.75

Bunch Carrots: $2.50

Green and Purple Snap Beans: $2.00/lb. Picked every 3-4 days.

Kale ‘Dino’ or ‘Lacinato‘: $2.50/bunch

Chard: $2.50/bunch

Pickling Dill Weed: $3.50/bunch

Basil : FarmStand in Boise, Idaho
Basil ‘Sweet Italian’: $2.00/bunch
-Available Now-

Cilantro: $1.00/bunch

Fresh Herbs: Oregano, Marjoram, Sage, Tarragon, Rosemary all $1.50/bunch

Grape Leaves: 15¢/each. Cut on demand.

Cut Flower Bouquets starting at $3.75

Available Next-

Eggplant and Tomatoes are a couple weeks away…

Until next time, -peace-