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Our tomatoes are still coming on strong including six varieties of cherry tomatoes, large slicers, and canning tomatoes. A couple of the melons are ripening. Our garlic is cured and is in good supply through October. And we are harvesting a few new items such as leeks, blue potatoes, a long bean called ‘Red Noodle’ and purple bell peppers. September is our busiest month of the year, a lot of good stuff.

-Available Now-
  • ‘Eel River’ or ‘Crane’ Melons: 85¢/lb. In full harvest. Created from the Crenshaw melon in the early 1900’s. Sweet but not overpowering, succulent, juicy and aromatic. Big melons weigh up to five pounds.
Melons : Farm Stand in Boise, Idaho img01
‘Eel River’/’Crane’ Heirloom Melons
  • ‘Ananas’ Heirloom Melons: 85¢/lb. Just starting up. Golden netted skin like a cantaloupe, very sweet white flesh tinged with pink.
Melons : Farm Stand in Boise, Idaho img04
‘Ananas’ Heirloom Melons
Tomatoes : FarmStand in Boise, Idaho
Yellow Tomatoes
Leeks : FarmStand in Boise, Idaho
  • Potatoes, Yukon Gold and Blue Potatoes: $1.25/lb.
  • Purple Bell Peppers: 2 for $1.25
Peppers Bell Purple : FarmStand in Boise, Idaho
Purple Bell Peppers
  • Green Bell Peppers: 2 for $1.25
  • Sweet Banana Chile Peppers: 15¢/ea. or $2.50/lb. Five pounds or more, only $1.50/lb.
Peppers Chile Sweet Banana : FarmStand in Boise, Idaho
Sweet Banana Chile Peppers
Eggplant 'Thai Long Green' : FarmStand in Boise, Idaho
Eggplant ‘Thai Long Green’
  • ‘Persian’ Cucumbers: Large, 2 for $1.25. Small size, 1.25# bag for $2.65. Thin skinned and smooth.
Persian Cucumbers : FarmStand in Boise, Idaho
Cucumbers ‘Persian’
  • Slicing Cucumbers ‘Marketmore 76’: 2 for $1.25
Slicing Cucumbers : FarmStand in Boise, Idaho
Cucumbers Slicing ‘Marketmore 76’
  • Yellow Snap Beans: $2.65/lb.
  • ‘Red Noodle’ Long Beans: $2.65/lb. Cut up and use in stir-fry or in a curry sauce.
Long Beans : FarmStand in Boise, Idaho
Long Beans ‘Red Noodle’
  • Zucchini and Summer Squash: $1.25/lb. Plant are slowing down for the year.
  • Beets with top greens: $2.75 bunch. Should have plenty available through October.
  • Carrots: $2.50 per bunch. Yellow, Orange, and White.
  • Chard: $2.75 a generous bunch.
  • Kale: $2.50 a bunch. Lacinato (Dino), Siberian, and Scarlet.
Kale Scarlet : FarmStand in Boise, Idaho
Kale ‘Scarlet’
  • Fennel Bulb: $1.75 each
  • Fresh cut herbs including Thai Basil, Chives, Tarragon, Sweet Marjoram, Greek Oregano, Sage, Thyme and Summer Savory: All $1.50 per bunch. Rosemary cut on demand for 50¢ a sprig.
  • Italian Parsley: $1.25 bunch.
  • French Sorrel: $2.50 a package.
  • Grape Leaves: 5 each for $1.00
  • Artisan Goat Cheese from Eden Creamery, Kuna-Idaho. Six varieties including Chevre, Labaneh, Feta, Farm Cheese, Gouda, Mancheggo.
  • Chicken Eggs: $4.00 a dozen
  • Cut flower bouquets: $5.00

Flowers 24 : FarmStand in Boise, Idaho

-Available Next-

We need another week or so of warm weather to ripen two other varieties of melons in the field. Also, we will be pulling up parsnips soon, and making some garlic braids. Winter squash is coming along including butternut, some acorn squash, and pie pumpkins. Seed has been planted for a fall crop of turnips and radishes including watermelon radishes.

Until next time, peace.

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