Farmer’s Pick ™ Produce – Boise, Idaho

Cucumbers - Farmer's Pick ™ Produce - Boise, Idaho

Farmer's Pick

Varieties grown:

  • ‘Persian’ cucumbers, thin skin, virtually seedless, mild flavor and crunchy
  • ‘Marketmore 76’ slicing cucumbers
  • ‘Armenian’ cucumbers
  • Pickling cucumbers.

Pickling Cucumbers are on! Please call for current availability. Hand sorted/sized: Small 2″-4″, Medium 4″-5″, Large over 5″. We pick early in the morning while cool then immediately refrigerate our pickling cucumbers to maintain crispness. An open-pollinated heirloom variety chosen for its flavor and crunch, with a slight taper at one end which helps to pack them into a jar.

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Farm stands fresh local grown Cucumbers - Boise Idaho