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Farmer's Pick ™

We grow several varieties of open-pollinated and heirloom melons, no hybrids. Varieties are chosen for flavor, uniqueness, and adaptability to the region. Carefully picked ripe when ready.

‘Eel River’ or ‘Crane’ Heirloom Melons, created from the ‘Crenshaw’ melon in the early 1900’s, Southern California. Sweet but not overpowering, succulent, juicy and aromatic. Big melons weigh up to five pounds.

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‘Eel River’ Heirloom Melons

‘Ogen’ Heirloom Melons, thought to have originated from Israel. Pale green flesh is juicy and sticky sweet with intoxicating aromatics of tropical fruit. Similar to ‘Honeydew’ melons but more complex in flavor.

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'Ogen' Heirloom Melons

‘Ananas’ Heirloom Melons date back to the 1700’s, originally from the Mid-East.  “Ananas” translates to mean “pineapple”, reminiscent of the tropical fruit. Golden netted skin like a cantaloupe, very sweet white flesh tinged with pink. Thomas Jefferson grew this melon in his garden.

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'Ananas' Heirloom Melons

‘Blacktail Mountain’ Watermelons, developed in Northern Idaho for the short growing season. Early maturing, personal size, seeded, crunchy red flesh with lots of flavor and sweetness. The first melon that comes on for us at the farm stand in early August.

Watermelons : Farm Stand in Boise, Idaho

‘Hami-Gua’ Melons, first cultivated in the Xinjiang region of northwest China. Oblong in shape with yellow netted skin and green streaks. Refreshingly crisp, firm, crunchy orange flesh has a simple sweetness and floral aroma.

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