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Update – Farmer’s Pick – Boise, Idaho


This is Paul, owner of Farmer’s Pick. Just to let you know, I will not be opening the farmstand this year, 2020. There are several reasons why I am closing this year, but mainly it is because I want to take a break and re-assess my goals going forward. I am not closing for lack of business. After five years of growing and selling, the demand for local grown fresh produce and flowers is stronger than ever.

I have been in the produce industry most my life, it is in my blood. I remember cutting apricots for drying in the orchards while in grade school. Began working in an open-air fruit stand at the age of 14. Worked retail produce through college, including the Boise Co-Op when they were on Hill Road. Started my own business and website in the year 1995, Farmer’s Pick, wholesaling garlic braids and chile pepper ristras to grocery store chains throughout the Northwest, and by mail-order. Had a retail produce storefront for awhile inside City Market, Eagle-Idaho. Transitioned to growing and farming here on Cloverdale Road in 2014. As physically demanding as it is, I enjoy digging in the dirt and growing plants. I like the interactions and sharing with customers, the neighbors, the community. Fortunately, I am in a position where I can grow and sell stuff at the farmstand because I enjoy it and want to, not because I have to. Finding that balance between one’s joy/passion and the hard work/stress it entails is often challenging. As in life, Farmer’s Pick will change and evolve.

Please stay subscribed to this blog and I’ll let you know when we re-open again. Thank-you for your support.

Until next time, peace.

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